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Our Suggested “Film Pairings” – What To Eat While You Watch

The Times Dining Section is surely on the cutting edge of culinary and media consumption.  Indeed, today it published an article which merges the two, suggesting pairings of specific alcoholic beverages with specific films as a way of enhancing viewing pleasure.  As Wendell Jamieson writes,

Different spirits cause different results. “Out of the Past” paired with Knob Creek is mellow yet ominous. But try it with smoky Monte Alban mezcal backed by Negra Modelo beer, and it is vibrant and energetic. The opening Mexican scenes seem to stretch the whole way to the end, to the final quadruple-cross. And it all makes sense.

Not be outdone by the Times (and while drawing heavy inspiration, as we often do), Allegations of Deliciousness presents its own suggested “film pairings” – not limited merely to beverages, but to food as well.   Our tastes are not as highbrow as those of the Times, although we have attempted to take special care in selecting foods that will offset and enhance the filmgoing experience.  We hope that you will look at the film with a fresh perspective after trying our suggestions.


Hey, so I fuck Castro, what’s it to you? You a Communist or something? How would you like it they tell you all the time what to think, what to do, you wanna be like a sheep, like everybody else. Baa baa? Puta! You want a stoolie on every block? You wanna work eight hours a day and you never own nothing? I ate octopus three times a day, fucking octopus is coming out my ears, fuckin’ Russian shoes are eating through my feet. Whaddaya want? You want me to stay there? Hey, I’m no little whore, I’m no stinking thief! I’m Tony Montana and I’m a political prisoner here from Cuba and I want my fucking ‘Human Rights’ just like President Jimmy Carter says, okay?

Suggested pairings:  2 lbs. octopus salad, 2-3 bottles Dom Perignon ’82.

These pairings highlight the contrast between Tony Montana’s humble beginnings in communist Cuba, and his  ludicrously extravagant lifestyle in 1980s Miami.  Note – One bottle of Dom is not enough, in order to properly experience the true excess that characterized Tony Montana near the end of his life.


Suggested pairings:  chocolate milkshake, bowling alley food (pizza, wings, etc.)

These pairings highlight the intense and surprising conclusion of this film.  Indeed, the milkshake is, perhaps, an obvious pairing choice since it reflects a major theme in the film.  As for the bowling alley food, all will be made clear in the film’s final scene.


Suggested Pairing: People, fava beans, a nice chianti

Obvious, but essential.  How else can you possibly hope to experience the shock, revulsion and horror expressed by Charleston Heston in the above clip when he discovers the mystery ingredient in delicious, nutritious Soylent Green? (spoiler warning!)


Suggested Pairing:  Soylent Green (see above).

“Nuff said.  Think of these zombies as early adopters of Soylent Green.  Sure, they had to work a little harder for it but at least they knew it was free-range and 100% organic.


What food could possibly enhance such an enigmatic and excessive film as The Blue Brothers?  Fortunately, the film itself provides a concise answer.

Suggested Pairings:  Four fried chickens and a coke, dry white toast


But we think you’re crazy to make an essay telling you who we think we are.  You see us as you want to see us . . . In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions.  But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain . . . and an athlete . . . and a basket case . . . a princess . . . and a criminal . . . Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club.

Suggested Pairings:  Sushi, Cap’n Crunch Sandwich w/ pixie stix, PB&J with the crusts cut off.

Judge ye not thy neighbor’s school lunch, lest ye be judged.  After all, don’t we all secretly crave a Cap’n Crunch Sandwich?  Such is the lesson of The Breakfast Club, and this pairing strives to be harmonious with the spirit of the film.

Honorable Mention:  HEATHERS (1988)

Suggested Pairing:  Corn nuts!

It’s one thing to want somebody out of your life. It’s another thing to serve them a wake-up cup of Drano.

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