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Road Trip New Orleans: Mother’s Day Brunch at Calcasieu

One of the restaurants I really wanted to try while I was in New Orleans was Donald Link’s Cochon.  Being the good little eater that I am, I made a reservation well in advance.  Unfortunately, I got a call about a week before the trip letting me know that the restaurant was going to be closed during our reserved time for kitchen equipment repairs.  The restaurant tried to move us to a different time, but there were too many conflicts with other reservations and graduation events.  We were able to finally work something out and celebrate Mother’s Day by having brunch at Calcasieu, the private dining room right above Cochon.

Although somewhat skeptical that a Mother’s Day prix fixe menu would be any good, I am happy to report that the food was indeed  delicious (even though I still plan on going back to try Cochon in the future).  I think having housemade piggy products helps.

My father and I started off with the crab salad with fried green tomatoes.  The sweet yet slightly salty crab paired well with crispy fried green tomatoes and tangy vinaigrette.  My brother and mother both enjoyed the cream of mushroom soup with lamb sausage.

For my main, I got the shrimp and grits with bacon and mushrooms.  The shrimp was perfectly grilled and cut well into the rich and creamy grits.  The housemade bacon with mushrooms added extra smokiness and heartiness.

My dad got the veal with potato pancakes and crawfish sauce.  While we enjoyed our dishes,  my brother and mother admittedly made the best choice with the glazed ham (again, housemade — not too salty and very tender — a good contrast to traditional Southern hams) with cornbread, poached eggs and hollandaise.

Everyone at the table finished off with the blueberry brown butter tart.  How can you go wrong with blueberries in dessert form?  Everyone enjoyed the meal, and more importantly, we got to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom.  Thanks to the chefs and staff at Calcasieu for a great meal.  I look forward to trying the original that started it all the next time I’m in town.

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