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Midtown Survival Guide: Kosher Deluxe

Obviously, you don’t have to keep kosher to eat at Kosher Deluxe, although you’ll notice that a good number of the clientele likely does.  Kosher Deluxe is located at 10 W. 46th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues).  The restaurant is split into distinct food ordering areas.  In the back, you can order Chinese food and assorted deli items.  (Advice: Whenever I am sick but forced to go into the office, I head straight to the back for an order of matzoh ball soup.  They make the soup with real chicken broth and fresh vegetables.  It helps cure any cold quickly.)  A salad bar serving up the regular assortment of vegetables and fixings is located in the middle of the restaurant.

On your right as you enter the front door, you will find the shwarma/falafel/Israeli salad bar area.  Get in line with everyone else and be ready with your order when it’s your turn.  The gentleman who takes your order and makes your shwarma or falafel sandwich is efficient but can be bit sketchy toward the ladies.

J. Frankfurter and I are partial to the shwarma with hummus and hot sauce on a baguette simply because it is easier to eat than the same in a pita.  While I usually get the shwarma, I can vouch that Kosher Deluxe probably makes one of the better falafel sandwiches in Midtown.

After you pick up your sandwich, you’ll be given a small plastic dish to fill up with sides.  There are an assortment of items including pickles (full and new sours — haven’t seen half sours yet), hot peppers, fried eggplant, carrots, slaws, beets, and tomato salad.  At the end of the salad bar, you pay the nice lady who packs up your order and throws in some extra containers of tahini.

I’ve been coming here for nearly six years and have a nice rapport with the staff.  You may feel rushed and unwelcomed your first few visits like I did, but it’s nothing personal.  That’s just the way the place operates.  Stick it out and you’ll be treated with good, quality food each time.

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