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Midtown Survival Guide: Margon

Although advertised as a Cuban restaurant where long lines form at lunch for their much revered Cuban sandwich, the people behind Margon are actually from the Dominican Republic.  Located at 136 W. 46th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues), Margon is a tiny sliver of a restaurant that you could easily walk right pass without noticing.

Don’t let that happen because this is one of the best lunch spots in Midtown.  As you enter, you will need to squeeze past the crowd of people waiting at the front where the Cuban sandwiches are made.  After squeezing past even more people, you’ll get to the area where you can order entrees.

Almost everything on the menu is good including the chicken fricassee, roast pork, fried fish, oxtail stew and chicarron de pollo.  Each entree comes with a side of rice, beans and plaintains, which can be a meal by itself.

While everyone knows Margon for its Cuban sandwich, I will put my reputation on the line and state for the record that the best dish you can get there is the octopus salad.

I know I’ve already proclaimed my love for octopus in a previous post, but this version is a bit different.  The thinly sliced octopus is served ceviche style with tiny bits of red bell pepper, onion, cilantro and olives.  I don’t crave much from Midtown, but this is the one thing that I would seek out even if I didn’t work in the area.

The back of the restaurant has some tables for dine in, but unless you go during off peak hours, it will be very difficult to snag one.  I usually end up getting my order to go because who doesn’t like to eat their lunch at their desk everyday?

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