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When Cakes Go Wrong

What better way to express your feelings than with a cake? Except, of course, when that cake is sloppily executed, or ends up having sounded better than it actually looks.  The following is a sampling of some epic cake FAILS courtesy of Cake Wrecks, which has been documenting the often-humorous failure of professional cake decorators since 2008 (and which now has a NY Times bestselling book on the subject, the holy grail for aspiring bloggers everywhere).

If these samples prove anything, it is that people will order a cake for just about any occasion (for better or for worse).  I’ve posted a few of my favorites below – some of these represent obvious technical failures, while others are technically proficient but demonstrate, perhaps, an error in judgment….or good taste.

First up, a classic failure – not so much of technique, but perhaps of common sense…..

Whoah momma!  This one comes censored, for your protection…….

In the eyes of young Beth, Daddy is defined by his “quality time” spent…..

File this one under WTF???

Oh no she didn’t!!!!


Another subtle nurse cake…..

Textbook technical FAIL

In addition to being delicious, this cake provides a sobering reminder of appropriate workplace interaction

This one pretty much speaks for itself.

Finally we get to the traditional Festivus cakes, in which those observing  Festivus engage in the traditional “airing of grievances”

Another Festivus cake.

For a whole website’s worth of full of spectacular cake failures, go check out Cake Wrecks if you have some time to kill on the internets.

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