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Midtown Survival Guide: Biryani Cart

Biryani Cart dishes out one of the best street cart meals you can get at midtown – and that is saying a lot, because the competition is fierce.  The corner of 46th St. and 6th Avenue is a bustling hub of street cart activity – within just a few hundred feet are midtown stalwarts Moshe’s Falafel, Kim’s Aunt Kitchen and, of course, Kwik Meal just a block away.  Additionally, Carribbean Spice has staked out a long-standing location along 46th Street, and on selected days both the Treats Truck and the Wafels & Dinges Truck  make appearances on 45th Street. 

There is certainly no excuse for people who work in this neighborhood to be eating at Cafe Europa every day (which, for those who don’t know, is yet one more of those cookie cutter “pre-made sandwiches or you pick your own overpriced salad”  places.

But the juggernaut at this location is the Biryani Cart.  Winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Vendy Awards for 2 years running (2008 and 2009), the Biryani Cart empire consists of two carts right on the corner of 46th and 6th.  

The main cart primarily serves kati rolls and various Indian specialties, which include biryani and chiken tikka masala every day, along with rotating daily specials including kashmiri curry, vegetable biryani and others.  The satellite cart stands directly next to the main cart, and serves traditional “street meat”-style chicken and lamb over rice, as well as pita sandwiches and more typical fare like sandwiches and burgers.

All I can say is, if you like Indian food, be sure to go and sample the biryani, tikka masala and kati rolls (a kati roll is spicy kabab-style meat rolled up in flatbread – sort of an Indian-style wrap).  The Biryani Cart provides a spicy and satisfying lunch, and you will be much happier than if you buy some anemic sandwich from Cafe Europa or elsewhere.  They run an efficient operation, using multiple cooks, and are sufficiently organized that they can churn through orders quickly and do not make mistakes. 

Finally, just a few things to keep in mind when ordering from here:

1.  Step up to the window and order as soon as you can.  All the people hanging around in front of the cart have probably already ordered, and are waiting for their food.

2. It will make your office smell like Indian food, so plan accordingly.

3.  The main cart is open late into the evening, so it is a good spot for a quick and cheap dinner (no line).  They serve kati rolls and chicken/lamb over rice all night, although they tend to run out of biryani/tikka masala by the evening.

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