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Beers That Didn’t Make The Cut

Beer companies are forever tinkering with their products, trying to latch onto current fads and tastes to create a new beer that looks so intriguing, you just have to try it.  Well, Bud Light Lime may have made it out the door, but many of these beer innovations wisely do not see the light of day.

I have given big beer companies a hard time in the past for devoting their resources to coming up with stupid gimmicks to increase their sales, rather than just making their beer taste better.  However, I should give credit where credit is due – none of the following beers have in fact seen the light of day.  But never say never.  Thanks once again to somethingawful.com’s photoshop archives, here are some rejected beers you won’t see on the shelves:

Watch out that this beer does not appear in your goblet when your back is turned…..

There is no cooler way to make an entrance than to saunter up to the bar and order a tall pint of this brew

A taste of the exotic…….

It looks like beer. It tastes like beer – but brother, it ain’t beer

Actually not a beer, espcially for those that like their drinks strong and harmful.

It’s (brewed from) people!  Allegations of Deliciousness will never tire of these timely Soylent Green jokes…..

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