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Melts In Your Mouth..And All Over Your Hands

As a natural follow up to my previous post about popsicles, the New York Times had an article about shaved ice in today’s Dining & Wine section.  A friend and I had some fun earlier reminiscing about the Snoopy Sno-Cone machine we both owned as kids.  While the machine was cute, it was pretty worthless when it came to making shaved ice or a snow cone.  In reality, you would end up with a smidgen of shaved ice and a handful of beaten-up ice cubes that you would happily douse with Kool-Aid anyway.

Given the heat that’s already hit New York City a few times already this summer, I’m tempted to get one of the two home ice-making machines referenced in the Time’s article.  If shaved ice vendors are going to charge around $5 for a snow cone, the machine will be worth the expense after the fifth homemade snow cone.  And think of all the fun I could have coming up with new flavors based on seasonal fruits and adult beverages!

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