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Sandra Lee Pushes The Limits Of “Mixology”

Courtesy of Food Network Humor (no actual affiliation with the Food Network):  Sandra Lee loves her cocktails, and is always coming up with creative new ways to ingest booze.

As with her cooking , Sandra is not content to mix up the drab concoctions of yesteryear.  Moving beyond Manhattans, Sidecars and French 75s, Sandra seeks out bold new ingredients and combinations.  To get a flavor of Sandra’s flair for mixology, here is the recipe for her “Cruisin’ Cooler” (apparently to be drunk at the racetrack, sort of like mint juleps are drunk at the Kentucky Derby)

However – for the cutting edge mixologist, not every cocktail recipe that seems good in theory actually works out well in practice.  For every inspired combination like Gatorade and melon vodka, there may be a concept that does not fully work in the way intended.  Below, a frame-by-frame presentation of Sandra immediately after drinking another of her concoctions – “Farm Stand Lemonade”, consisting of lemonade, heavy cream and vodka.

  1. mhd
    August 25, 2010 at 4:25 PM

    hahahaha. that is awesome. you can tell she gets her forehead botox’d – the only part of her face that didn’t crinkle up.

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