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The Art of Grilling

As you may have noticed, J. Frankfurter and I have been somewhat lackadaisical with posting over the past few of weeks.  With various vacations, moving for the Frankfurter clan and life generally, we’ve been distracted by the norms of summer.  We’re going to try to enjoy the last few days of the season and ease into fall with a few posts here and there.  But don’t worry.  Once the cold settles in on New York City, we’ll be hovering around our computer monitors for warmth and posting frequently once again.

With Labor Day right around the corner, many people are preparing ritualistic cookouts and barbecues to say goodbye not only to summer but to their grills as well with.  While people will always debate charcoal vs. propane, your esteemed blogging jurists both prefer charcoal for the smokey flavor that cannot be duplicated by propane.  J. Frankfurter uses the old-school Weber grill, which is easy to fire up with the help of a charcoal chimney.

In my humble opinion, one should avoid using lighter fluid or the equally flamable Kingsford MatchLight charcoals.  Whatever you grill will end up having that odd and less than delicious lighter fluid aftertaste.  The shortcut is not worth it if your food comes out tasting like chemicals.  Rather than using a chimney to light up my charcoal, I cheat a bit with the Weber Performer, which combines the aforementioned Weber grill with a propane starter.

If you haven’t done so already, check the series on Serious Eats about how to properly prepare charcoal grills for cooking.  While propane out grills are admittedly more convenient and capable of creating just as tasty meals, if done properly, the time commitment for lighting, using and cleaning charcoal grills can be minimized.

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