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Allegations at 100: Chocolate Coated, Freaky & Habit-Forming

This marks Allegations’ 100th post.  Special thanks to all our regular readers who helped us along the way, and additional thanks to all those who stumbled over us while looking for Sandra Lee recipes or pictures of Kool-Aid Man.  We couldn’t have done without you.

I thought I would take the opportunity to share some facts and figures regarding the blog that we are privy to behind the scenes.  Since our launch in April 2010 we’ve had over 36,000 views – so we are not exactly the Huffington Post, but I guess its not bad considering we have done exactly zero to promote the site other than share it with a handful of our friends.

J. Frankfurter’s most popular post by far is “Reports Of Cookie Monster’s Demise Were Greatly Exaggerated” – in fact, it has generated 7,000 more views than the second most popular post.  This may be a result of J. Frankfurter’s keen intellect and rapier wit, or it may just be that a lot of people search for pictures of Cookie Monster on Google Images – I leave that to the reader to decide.  For whatever it is worth, it is probably one of my better posts and it debunks an insidious urban myth, so it serves a public service function as well.

J. Burger’s most popular post is “Popsicles are the new cupcakes.”  J. Burger strolls upon the cutting edge and this post is no exception – people seem to be linking back to it, unsurprisingly, as it provides invaluable advice for hip snackers and popsicle fans alike.

J. Frankfurter’s second most popular post is “Shame  On You For Looking At Food Porn – Part 2.”  Well, what can I say? It is surprising how many people stumble across our site after searching for “food porn” or “bacon porn.”   Well, here at Allegations we like to give the public what it wants – food, porn and snarky commentary.  If you feel you need a primer on food porn, and can’t just jump in at Part 2 of our ongoing series, then Part 1 can be found here.

J. Burger’s second most popular post is “Willy Wonka and The Gorton’s Fisherman Walk Into A Bar.”  Back when I was a young and naive blogger with more free time on my hands, I challenged J. Burger to cook a “food that hadn’t been invented yet” (courtesy of this Village Voice article).  I went first, cooking up a veal liver creme brulee which I ended up concluding wasn’t all that outrageous, and tasted really good on toast with strawberry jam.  J. Burger responded by cooking up chocolate-covered fish sticks.  How did they turn out? Well, you can go here to find out, suffice to say that the commenters were not impressed.

So, hopefully I’ve enticed you to click through to some of our greatest hits.  Thanks again for your patronage – it wouldn’t be much fun if we were playing to an empty theater every night, so its good to know there are at least a few people out there in the seats.

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