We are two New York City lawyers who prefer terms like “sous-vide” and “amuse-bouche” to terms like “res ipsa loquitur” and “per stirpes.”

  • J. Burger: Female. Not married. No children. No pets. Born in Southeast Asia but raised in the South. Brooklyn represent!
  • J. Frankfurter: Male. Married. Two children. Two pets. Born and raised in New England. Queens represent!

We discuss eating food, making food, ordering food, shopping for food, watching shows about food and, of course, drinking.

There are no geographic boundaries with the magic of the interwebs.

New posts will be added as often as we can come up with clever things to say about food. And we’re pretty clever people.

Because there aren’t enough food blogs on the internet already.  Actually, we really enjoy food and have plenty of opinions (of the non-binding precedent variety).  And as you know, no opinion can be genuinely valid unless it is expressed anonymously on the internet.

Like the food we eat, we prefer that the blog grows organically.

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