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Sweet Corn Overload: 33 Ears In 12 Minutes

In honor of the approaching summer months, here is footage of the 2009 National Sweet Corn Eating Championship, in which the winning contestant consumed 33 ears in 12 minutes (roughly an ear every 20 seconds).  Break out the dental floss!

We are particular fans of contestants Crazy Legs Conti (the white guy with dreadlocks) and Sonya Thomas, AKA “The Black Widow” (the tiny Korean woman).  Sadly, neither of them won, but we will likely write more about their significant accomplishments in future posts.


Hot Dogs: The Competitive Eating Musical

For fans of competitive eating and musical theater, Eater has posted an interview with Kristyn Pomerantz and Katherine Steinberg, writer/producers of the upcoming off-off broadway show “Hot Dogs: The Competitive Eating Musical.”   You may or may not recognize Pomerantz and Steinberg as the creative force behind the NYC Fringe Fest hit “I Can Haz Cheezburger: The MusicLOL.”